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Staff Directory

Building: School Year Prinicpal: Darren Jones
Paul Revere Primary School 2019-2020 Asst. Principal: LaTanya Johnson
    Secretary: Cynthia Recio
    Secretary: Lillian Paredes
Room Number Staff Member Name Position Title Grade Level Subject Department (TBE, SpEd, etc.)
104 Susanna Tamez Teacher Kinder   Dual Language Spanish
102 Theresa Zambrano Teacher Kinder   Dual Language English
101 Tasha Thomas Teacher Kinder   English
103 Mary Berry Teacher Kinder   English
105 Diana Ruiz Teacher Kinder   TBE 
106 Guadalupe Orozco  Teacher 1st Grade   Dual Language Spanish
109 Cynthia Ramirez Teacher 1st Grade   Dual Language English
112 Mary Kay Schaeflein  Teacher 1st Grade   English
111 Corinna Kent Teacher 1st Grade   English
110 Diana Ruiz Teacher 1st Grade   TBE
205 Yvette Vicente Teacher 2nd Grade   Dual Language English
207 Ann Marie Perea Teacher 2nd Grade   Dual Language Spanish
204 Maria Hull  Teacher 2nd Grade   English 
201 Thomas Gordon Teacher 2nd Grade   English 
203 Ramon Gutierrez Teacher 2nd Grade   TBE
211 Allison Garcia Teacher 3rd Grade   Dual Language English
213 Citlali Lagunas Teacher 3rd Grade   Dual Language Spanish
216 Nuria Balovski Teacher 3rd Grade   English
215 Melissa Rodriguez Teacher 3rd Grade   English
212 Blanca Gomez Teacher 3rd Grade   TBE
206 Kristen Chojnowski Teacher K-1st   Resource Teacher
206 Laura Masciola Teacher 2nd -3rd   Resource Teacher
218 Michelle Edwards Instructional Coach K-3rd   Instructional Coach
118 Hillary Kikkert  Reading Recovery     Reading Recovery
GYM Anthony Petella Teacher K-1st   Physical Education 
GYM Kyle Agner Teacher 2nd-3rd   Physical Education 
210 Elizabeth Marcanio Teacher K-3rd   Music
208 Anthony Hill Teacher K-3rd   Art
107 Danielle Cabrera Teacher K-3rd   Media Specialist
PPS Office Antigone Campobasso PPS Coordinator      PPS
217 Maria Wantuck  Social Worker K-3rd     Social Work
Office Judy Corcoran Speech Pathologist K-3rd   Speech 
113 Lili Herrera Speech Pathologist Spanish K-3rd   Speech 
Office Valerie Marrin Nurse K-3rd   Nurse
Office Alice Cherversia   Paraprofessional K-3rd   Health Support
Office Elizabeth Gonzales Paraprofessional K-3rd   Health Support
101, 103 Annette Drummer Paraprofessional Kinder   Kinder
203, 205, 207 Chayo Esparza Paraprofessional 2nd   TBE 2nd Grade
102, 104, 106, 109, Manuela Calderon Paraprofessional K-1st   Kinder/1st Grade Dual Language
105 Beatriz Alatorre Paraprofessional K-1st   TBE Split Kinder and First
211, 212, 213 Adriana Garibay Paraprofessional 3rd   Dual/TBE 3rd
Office Ariana Esparza Paraprofessional K-3rd   Parent/Student Technology Support
Office Rigoberto Esparza Paraprofessional  K-3rd   Parent/Student Communication Support
  Jessica Bowden Paraprofessional K-3rd   Paraprofessional Substitute
  Jorge Coreas Custodian     Day
  Maria Corona Custodian     Night
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